Official White Paper, last updated April 7th, 2022
In a magical land where SpellCasters reign supreme, GrandCaster Mejulah, Oracle of Space and Time, has gone missing.


From the Solrise Ocean in the East to the Solset Ocean in the West, spans the continent of Avaria - a vibrant, magical land entering a new golden age where spellcasters reign supreme. Avaria's citizens have carefully employed their mastery of the elements to forge an enchanting utopia built on the principles of peace, compassion and cooperation. Sprawling cities, grand structures and picturesque coastlines showcase their meticulous manipulation of water, earth and fire which have culminated in unlimited glory and prosperity for all…or so it seemed.

Beneath the continent’s rosy exterior lies a veil of secrecy and corruption unbeknownst to even some of the most powerful casters in the land. Without so much as a warning, the entirety of Avaria’s existence was flipped on its head, as GrandCaster Mejulah, Oracle of Space and Time has seemingly vanished, causing the very fabric of reality to fall apart.
What happens next is up to the Casters themselves, as they have been transported to a 2D game board where even the most rigid concepts such as time’s linearity are in question. Time has now seemingly been broken up into 20-minute turns and 28-day seasons, and the only solution Casters can conceive is that they’ll need to tactfully work their way up the game board if they want to uncover the grand conspiracy behind Mejulah’s disappearance.


LadderCaster is a mobile-first, ladder-ranking strategy game and NFT player-to-player market built on Solana. Players earn their way through thirty levels across a dynamic boardscape with an unlimited number of SpellCasters and race their way to the top. LadderCaster’s economy is player-owned, where users truly have all the power to seamlessly buy, sell, or trade any resources or assets earned through playing.
LadderCaster aims to leverage several emerging technologies to provide a unique player and community experience unlike anything else seen in the industry. Users are incentivized not only to perform actions in the game, but also to be active participants in the community; the ultimate goal being that the entire ecosystem will eventually be governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through a multivariate representative governance system. Rules will be determined by organization members based on multiple factors such as LADA ownership, and their activity in the game and community. This will culminate in a true top-to-bottom, player-owned ecosystem where stakeholders not only have full control over their assets, but also have a say in proposing the future developments and progression of the game’s direction.
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