During a turn, there are four actions that players can take - craft, loot, cast a spell, and move. They can perform each action once per turn. Crafting
In order to craft a new item, 3 items and some resources (fire, earth, water) must be burned. The newly generated item will have a 75% chance of being the lowest rarity and level of the three burned items. When crafting an item on a regular crafting tile, there is a 25% chance of the rarity being one higher than the lowest input item. On a Legendary crafting tile, if the input items are 3 Epics, the 25% successful craft will result in a Legendary item.
There are spellbooks which can impact the results of crafting, providing an increased chance of a higher level item being crafted. Only unequipped items can be used as ingredients for crafting.
Performing the loot action during a turn generates either a) resources or b) resources and a chest. Chests can be tier 1 to 4, and always contain 3 pieces of equipment (equipment can only be found inside chests or by using spellbooks). The amount of resources looted will range from 1-10 on level 1 tiles, and 1-300 on level 30 tiles, and a spellcaster wearing equipment can increase the chance of finding a higher amount of resources when looting.
Characters can cast 1 spell per turn. Casting a spell costs resources and the spell can be one of 5 types: fire, water, earth, item, or crafting. Each spell has a 1 in X chance of successfully casting. Legendary spellbooks have a 1 in 2 chance, epic 1 in 4 chance, rare 1 in 6 chance, and common 1 in 8 chance.
The resource spells provide a chance of receiving a flat amount of resources. Crafting spells gives a chance of leveling up an item you craft this turn which becomes a common. An item spell gives a chance of finding an item of the rarity and level of the spellbook. Spells are applied to actions taken this turn only. For example, if you cast a spell that affects crafting, it will activate only if your character crafts this turn.
All characters can move left or right. They can also move up if the SpellCaster’s level allows it. Each SpellCaster can move once per turn (if a player has multiple SpellCasters, they may all move once per turn). Additionally, a player can have multiple SpellCasters on the same tile. Moving to a resource tile costs resources according to the tile you’re moving to, while moving to any crafting tile is free. Turn Mechanics During the turn, there is a distinction between the Rewards Phase, Equip Phase, and Actions Phase. This is a helper UI to show that items cannot be equipped or unequipped if the caster has any actions committed from the previous or current turn. This means any rewards that need to be claimed, must be claimed before equipping any items. This also means that if a caster has performed a Loot action, or any other, they will not be able to unequip items until after claiming rewards on the next turn. Claim Rewards
When performing an action during the action phase of a turn, that action is the one that will be taken into consideration the following turn during the Rewards phase. This holds true for Craft, Move, Spell, and Loot.