LadderCaster will have a fully integrated player-to-player marketplace where all transferable NFT assets in the game can be bought or sold. Resources and LADA are fungible tokens, which will be tradable on Serum. Note: for Alpha launch, the marketplace will not yet be integrated. This is because our close partners at Fractal are still working on their integration API/SDK. LadderCaster hopes to be the first dApp with their integrated marketplace once they are ready.
NFTs and blockchain technology put power into the hands of the players, allowing them to optimize their strategies and have full control over which assets to target, gather or sell. Ensuring that all in-game assets can be bought, sold or traded at any time is vital to the success of any NFT-based game. As part of LadderCaster’s unique approach to storing these items on-chain for as low cost as possible, in-game items and characters are generated into NFTs once they are taken out of the game to be placed on the marketplace. This system of dynamically minting NFTs significantly reduces costs for each user. This is also the first dynamically minted project on Solana.
Last modified 9mo ago