Calvin Maighan - Co-Founder, UX Design (Calvin's LinkedIn) Full-stack designer and developer. Built the design system for Newton, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada.
Aidan Neil - Co-Founder, Business Development (Aidan's LinkedIn) UX researcher and communications lead. Has built a career in innovation, service design and delivery.
Rea Loretta - Co-Founder, Design & Advisory (Reas's LinkedIn) Serial founder-entrepreneur. An engineer, designer in tech, multi-exit. Crypto advisor and Solana influencer. Building infrastructure and utility for NFTs.


Danny Manzano - Lead, Front-End Blockchain Engineer (Danny's LinkedIn) Front-end specialized engineer, he has transitioned from major Web2 apps to Solana-based blockchain development. A powerhouse dev and the definition of Full-Stack. F - Lead, Rust Engineer Previously the lead back-end developer of a large crypto exchange, he has written over 5000 lines of Rust code for this game. He's worth at least three devs. Absolute - Lead, Marketing Community and marketing expert in Web3, has built massive communities across multiple chains. Before diving into blockchain gaming, he founded a crypto investment platform in 2017. Luffy - Lead, Community The heart of the team, he's an ex-pro circuit Gears of War player whose ranked first in multiple strategy games, including Hearth Stone. Former QA tester for Ubisoft. Blockchain game designer. Kristina Hodorowski - Lead, Finance (Kristina's LinkedIn) An economics major, she traded in her spot at a Big 5 accounting firm to finish her CPA. Crypto accounting and financial ecosystems enthusiast. John D - Front-End Engineer (John's LinkedIn) React specialist, he is LadderCaster's first community hire. His commitment to the game and community is only surpassed by his developer prowess. Mr C - Head of Product Brains of the operation, he has made a career in business strategy and building multiple, scalable B2C companies. Crypto and financial savant, he is used to topping the leaderboards. Keehar - Senior Front-End Engineer She has led the front-end development of one of the largest crypto exchanges in North America. Her rare designer-developer qualities and relentless ability to execute make her a key leader.

Extended Team

PromoPlanet - Community & Marketing ( Game design and consulting. One of the leading NFT gaming community builders and marketers on WAX. Has helped grow several NFT communities to 10k+ members.
Ludex Gaming - Backend Development Support ( Gaming solutions studio, developing a cutting-edge wagering protocol, Ludex helps gaming studios get to where they need to be.
Team No Fun Time (NFT) - Gaming Partnership Gaming organization dedicated to NFT gaming with a focus on eSports, investing, scholarships, and strategy for P2E NFT games.